Coding & Cookies is TechSoc’s flagship free coding workshops for all members. This year, we will have 5 series of workshops: Intro to Front-End, Hackathon Ready, Intro to Back-End & Full-Stack, Python for Data Science, and Machine Learning.

Every class is free and will come with free cookies for all attendees :)

Open to beginners, our Intro to Front-End series will be a great introduction to the wide world of coding by starting with what makes websites and web applications.

Spaces are first come first serve, so come early to get a seat!

This session is all about JavaScript, for people who are new to web programming.

Learn about making interactive UIs, and about the power of JS on both the Front-End and Backend of a website.

In terms of programming, we’ll be focusing on Front-End for this workshop.

Knowledge of basic HTML is assumed!

For those who want to catch up on either HTML or CSS from our previous two workshops, please feel free to go through our notes on HTML here:, and on CSS here: