This is a full-day hackathon. Apply here:

Our sponsor, BlackRock, is holding a FinTech hackathon:

‘So what shall I do with my money?’ BlackRock helps investors and people answer this question every day.

And now BlackRock is asking you, ‘What would you do with your money?’

The challenge: In 1 day using the technology of your choice, we want to you develop an app centred around how to help an individual’s finance future OR helping clients manage their money…

Expand your tech skills, learn about technology in the financial world and have the opportunity to win prizes.

About BlackRock: BlackRock was founded 27 years ago by eight entrepreneurs who wanted to start a very different company. One that combined the best of a financial leader and a technology pioneer. And one that focused many diverse views on a singular purpose: making a difference in the lives of the parents and grandparents, the doctors and teachers who entrust us with their money—and their futures—every day.

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