We’ll teach you how to build a processor from scratch!

The much awaited COMP1001 Hardware Architecture course is finally here! Join us Wednesdays 2 - 4pm to learn logic gates, microprocessor design, FPGAs and assembly. It’s basically all the cool stuff in Computer Science and you can do the complete course starting on Wednesday!

The course is the same one that was run at UCL a couple of years ago before a certain other controversial module replaced it, and it is packed full of interesting but challenging lab / home exercises. It won’t count toward your degree but will put you in good stead for anything related next year. We have also been promised some teaching support in the new year from the CS department in case there’s anything we cannot figure out ourselves, and the Vice-Dean of Education for the Faculty has also said he’ll find us support if necessary. In other words, it hopefully won’t be just me annoying you all :)

Please bring a laptop along. I have posted instructions on obtaining the relevant software on this event page.

To look at the course content, enrol yourself on Moodle using the enrolment key MIPS64. Get yourself a copy of the lecture notes to see if it might be for you. It’s all fun stuff and we have all the equipment available for long-term rental from the CS dept. Many 3rd and 4th years consider this one of their favourite modules that they ever took at UCL so hopefully it’ll be a nice contrast to the heavilty exam-based topics across the rest of the syllabus.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Sorry to disappoint, but no Netflix & Chill. Keep that for your girlfriends and boyfriends in the evenings…

  • Chris