UCLInspires is a social network that lets school children connect to higher education students and provides a platform for sharing resources, advice and outreach opportunities to promote engineering and computer science to the next generation.

The UK is far behind other countries in terms of computer science education - most school kids don’t know what it is. To get more students engaged and interested, TechSoc is creating a social platform to facilitate a more personal level of interaction, one that doesn’t rely on school teachers!

You don’t need any experience to contribute, come along and we’ll fit you in with one of our teams and you can be making a serious difference!

Technologies used

We’ll be using Django to create the back-end.

How to get involved

Look out for the social network events on our Facebook page and join the Slack group to get access to the project leads who will help you out.

Have questions?

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help!