Top 5 Popular Devices GPS Tracker for Kids In 2019

The world is becoming a dangerous place every single day for children. Therefore, all parents have to equip their children with the best security measure that can keep them away against trouble. Along with physical threats, all parents must also ensure that their child is safe online. So to protect them, we carefully hand-picked the best phone watches GPS tracker for kids available in the market today.

The following phone watch GPS trackers are loaded with excellent security features ranging from location tracking, sending alerts, making and receiving calls, and many more. In emergency situations or even in normal routine, their host of outstanding features can help in keeping your child’s security. Since these devices carry a special design with kids on the mind. You can make sure that all of the following has easy to use interface that a child can easily utilize. Keep an eye out for these devices and select the one that suits your kids the most. You can usee NEXSPY the child tracking device

TickTalk 2.0

For children with age four to twelve, TickTalk 2.0 is among the best GPS tracker for kids most parents trust. This device is basically a smartwatch that runs on the T-Mobile network featuring a very kid-friendly interface. It offers easy screen navigation with extra big icons for kids to tap. This device is available in different colours with service starting at $5/month.

Other than a one-way message system where parents deliver text to the device, TickTalk 2.0 also comes with a smartphone app. It allows parents to save up to 13 different contacts that kids can call in case of emergency. Plus, they can also leave a voice message using this app.

However, kids wouldn’t be able to dial any other number. It also has a special firewall and Super Hearing capability that allows parents to hear everything around their child. With this GPS tracker for kids, parents can accurately real-time detect the location of their child indoors and outdoors. Historical route feature shows the previous location of your child through date and time filters.

DokiWatch S

DokiWarch S is a rechargeable phone watch and GPS tracker for kids that can operate up to 24 hours. It is exclusive for Cricket Wireless and AT&T users made for kids with the age 6 to 12.

What’s unique about this phone watch is its ability to receive and place video calls. In the same way, children can make and receive calls only with the preset list of contacts in the device. It comes with an app where parents can locate their child through GSM, GPS, as well as WiFi connectivity. This device also sends a notification once a child moves away from a preset location.

The best thing I love about this device is that children can activate SOS mode in times of emergency. When activated, it will automatically send an alert with location details including an audio recording of the present situation. Parents can always go back to classroom mode at a normal routine that automatically deactivates DokiWatch S at a particular time.

iGPS Wizard

If you want a GPS tracker for kids with no particular carrier, iGPS Wizard is the one for you. It has its own service that costs extra $16/month and doesn’t require any contract. Plus, it can operate for up to 72 hours.

It has cellular services that help kids make and receive calls using the preset contacts set by parents. In line with this, parents can save up to 20 unique contacts through its dedicated mobile app. It allows parents to locate child easily without even using GPS or cell signal through Bluetooth Low Energy proximity technology.

Location History also provides helpful information as well as alerts every time a child leaves a specific boundary. Like so, parents can make a distance alert to keep kids away from particular places, events, or situations like mall, beach, and many more.

Another reason to love this phone watch is its built-in pedometer. This makes it one of the best GPS tracker for kids. You can choose from three different colours.

LG GizmoPal 2

So far, I consider LG GizmoPal 2 as the best GPS tracker for kids. It is a phone watch with GPS tracker that can last up to 9 days in standby mode. Among other devices in the list, this device doesn’t come in a load of features. However, most people love its waterproof capability that can withstand as low as 3ft. for 30 minutes.

This is excellent since kids tend to forget taking off their watch before engaging in water activity most times. It also produces fun sounds through button press that kids love so much and support 4 contacts to receive and make calls. But aside from that, its easy tracking is the vital feature of LG GizmodoPal 2. Parents can use to set alerts when a child goes beyond a preset GPS location boundary.

Children can choose between band colours blue and pink. Verizon users can avail its service for an extra $5 monthly. Isn’t it excellent?

Burst GPS Phone Watch

Are you looking for a phone watch GPS tracker for kids that can match your budget? Worry no more because Burst GPS Phone Watch is here to save your day. Not only that it has effective features but it also comes with limitless service plan for only $15/month. If you want to pay annually, you can avail it for only $149.

Burst GPS phone watch let kids receive and place phone calls as well as voice messages. It allows parents to save up to 16 numbers that a child can call in case of emergencies. This device brings the ability to view the exact location of a child and sends automatic updates. Parents can also set particular safe zones that allow them to receive alerts when a child goes leaves or enter the location.

Other than location history, this device comes with an intended app where parents can activate Find My Watch mode. This feature instantly triggers the device to beep that can last up to 48-hours if not disabled. Since kids are the wearer of this device, Burst GPS phone watch comes in blue, pink, and black versions.

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