How to secretly track a cell phone location through its IMEI number?

There are so many phones either stolen or lost in a year and hence there are now ways to track it out easily. The first things when a phone is stolen most probably the phone will go out of the grid, the person may throw away the sim card, turn off the internet access and you will think how ill I ever get back my phone.

It would be like, one hell of a task to do so. But with the IMEI number, it is easy to get to your phone. This number is actually the international mobile equipment number which is unique to each phone and therefore easier to search among the billions of phones that are in use all over the world.

How to secretly track a cell phone location?

This unique number is containing a fifteen-digit number which is like an ID for your phone. This digit is every time flashed to the network your whichever it may be when the call is made, hence the phone can be tracked. With the help of the database, the phones which are lost or stolen are put into this list which is a separate list which helps to track the phone easily and the detectives or police will be able to find the phone now know who would have taken it and to which place it is.

How to secretly track a cell phone location? There are some other apps, which help to trace the phones, but they have the limitation of the distances hence not very successful in finding phones which are taken to other regions or even across the country.

There are phones which can be fitted with apps that can be called as anti-theft trackers which make the phone of no use to the person who steals the phone and it just shows piece. But the best way to track your phone is to know your phone’s IMEI number, this is possible by the star and hash before and after six. Or go to your setting and get to know about your phone and this will show your unique IMEI number.

Some of the phone manufacturers would have printed the IMEI number on the reverse side of the phone in small prints or beneath the battery, or on the label of the phone. It has to be noted that if your phone can support two SIM cards that then there will be two IMEI numbers.

How to secretly track a cell phone location for free by using NEXSPY software. There is another IMEI tracker app that you can install which are activated by just sending an SMS and install the app. The necessary permission of getting your contacts, other relevant information is what you will have to permit to get back your back or getting it tracked.

This will then allow the full functionality of the app to do the needful. You will have to input the IMEI number of the lost phone and click track you will get the location of your phone on the screen.

Some of the things that are worth mentioning and have to be done before you lose your phone is noted down the IMEI number, there is a pin number that you can set and remember it, this will help you have control over the stolen phone which will not only help track it but also sent you alerts about its location and but other information as well.

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